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Close-up of Dani Arnold
Dani Arnold climbing ice
Dani Arnold climbing a mountain
Dani Arnold climbing stalactites
Dani Arnold giving a high five
Dani Arnold climbing ice
Dani Arnold climbing ice
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Dani ArnoldClose-up of Dani Arnoldembarks on an expedition to a place so extreme, few athletes have dared to explore it. An adventure to Lake Baikal, the deepest lake on earth, with temperatures as low as -40°C. Too cold to climb? See how he transitions to the horizontal ice and conquers ten new ice routes.

The thick ice covering the deepest lake on earth offers a mesmerizing, crystal-clear view into its depths.
Pro Team Mountaineering
One of the top Swiss speed climbers
Date of Birth
22 Feb 1984
At Mammut since
Dani Arnold walking on ice with sunrise in the back

-40 °c

Wind speeds up to 120 km/h on the ice.

The Eigerjoch Pro IN Hooded Jacket is designed for extremely cold and harsh conditions, keeping him warm even when temperatures drop to -40°C.

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Just standing on the glass-like surface was a challenge.

Temperatures are extreme and documentation of the area is scant at best, making it difficult to find climbing sites. Finally, the first challenge: a cave. Or rather an art installation made of ice. This calls for an outfit change.

The rugged Nordwand Pro HS Hooded is perfect for extreme conditions and ensures unrestricted freedom of motion. Today, Arnold is pioneering a new route.

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Dani Arnold free solo ice climb
Dani Arnold free solo ice climb close up
  • GPS:N64º4915
  • TMP:-14°c
  • BPM:79
Exhilarating routes directly above the deepest lake on the planet.

Ice and rock. Cold and moisture. A crucible for outdoor gear. Superior GORE-TEX PRO technology offers uncompromising protection in any weather conditions as well as maximum durability.

Dani Arnold walking on ice ready for free solo

The biggest challenge is dealing with the cold. The ice contracts to form a rock-hard surface, smooth as glass. It takes a lot of strength to drive the pick into the ice. Each gripping maneuver is slow and laborious. Dani Arnold discovers a vertical crevice in the rock face that he can hardly resist.

Now the climbing is getting trickier.

At the transition between the ice and rock, Dani Arnold’s Nordwand MIPS Helmet offers exactly the protection he needs.

Nordwand MIPS Helmet
  • Advanced safety test. Strong enough to withstand side impacts

  • Reinforced front, back and sides

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Dani Arnold climbing a rock
Dani Arnold climbing a rock close up
  • GPS:N64º4915
  • TMP:-14°c
  • BPM:79

At the beginning of the expedition, it wasn’t clear whether there would be any opportunities to climb at all. In the end, the expedition was a complete success. Ten new routes on the famous cliffs of Olkhon Island.

The crunch under the soles of the Nordwand Knit High GTX® boots as they meet the icy surface. The breathtaking light of the far north at nightfall. Pristine routes in an enchanting frosty landscape.

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  • 3D knitted textile: stretchy and form-fitting.

  • Lighter. Excellent ventilation.

  • Insulation rating: -30°CHigh-performance cold insulation
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A sublime moment in a spectacular setting.
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